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Corte de pelo – #corte

Meg Ryan

pageruth: More BTS from yesterday with @arisjeromephoto

Vidal Sasson is THE man who made the pixie haircut famous after making headlines for chopping off Mia Farrow’s hair for Rosemary’s Baby. He’s also the man behind Vogue icon Grace Coddington’s famous crop. As Vidal Sassoon The Movie is released, we take a look at all the celebs who have been seduced by the famous crop… take a look at the best celebrity cropped hairstyles…

Hair by Robyn Rost

Strandfrisuren kurze haare

15 schöne kurze Frisuren für den Herbst 2014 – Include Bobs & Pixie Cuts #frisuren #herbst #include #kurze #pixie

Saturn Hoops – Weiß – #hoops #saturn – #frisuren



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